gallavants in a sentence

  1. Loaf exploits this and gallavants around the Galaxy ( it is always capitalized in the series ) irresponsibly enough for the FOEs to imprison some of the Earth resistance.
  2. No more discussion about zealots and the wiki-tribe ( or " cabal ", one of my favorite terms ) that gallavants page-to-page, or about inflammatory sentences . . . that is all fluff for what we must consider to be the heart of the matter, the disagreement of facts themselves.
  3. While Blair gallavants around the world, Britain's National Health Service has been under fire for long waiting times for treatment; the country's rail service is deteriorating badly; and recently one of his own cabinet members warned on national TV that she might resign from the goverment if it supports a " blind military attack " on Iraq . ( Melvin, Cox News Service)
  4. It's difficult to find gallavants in a sentence.

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