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  1. Nor is it surprising that Gallati ranked at the top of his police class.
  2. Given his commitment to education, it is surprising that Gallati found time for police work.
  3. Their presentation at such an august event, Gallati argues, means that they had special significance for the artist.
  4. By the time he stepped down in 1973, Gallati had a computerized fingerprint file of some 3.5 million individuals.
  5. The chronologically arranged exhibition, organized by Linda Ferber and Barbara Dayer Gallati, begins with a taste of those workaday origins.
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  7. Chase's focus on isolated women in public spaces, suggests Gallati, was his way of defining the spaces in terms of feminine refinement.
  8. And when Gov . Nelson Rockefeller looked around for someone to help spend New York state's share, Gallati was right there with a vision and a plan.
  9. In addition to his daughter, Michele Glasgow of DeKalb, Gallati is survived by two sons, Robert, of Albany; Richard, of Philadelphia, and five grandchildren.
  10. Gallati has suggested that the placement of the two oldest girls, at the edge of a darkened and ambiguous entryway, is symbolic of their maturation into an unknown future.
  11. Chase had a long, distinguished run as a painter, teacher and art politician, but Gallati zeros in on the five-year period when his career was at low tide.
  12. Organized by Barbara Dayer Gallati, its curator of American art, the show takes its title from the Dickens novel, which traces a boy's progression from childhood to maturity.
  13. Having corrected those longstanding errors, Gallati began to examine the genteel Brooklyn and Manhattan scenes of 1886 to 1890, reflecting a privileged, upper-class view, in broader cultural terms.
  14. Their airy lightness was in sharp contrast to the dark, Old Masterish tones of the Munich school in which he was trained, criticized by American art writers as too European, writes Gallati.
  15. Chase, according to Gallati, wanted to support the idea of the park as a source of spiritual elevation and refinement, the view held by its designers, Frederic Law Olmsted and Calvert Vaux.
  16. Art historian Barbara Gallati notes that the English translation of " Las Meninas ", " Maids-in-Waiting ", is an apt description for the activity of the Boit children.
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