gallathea in a sentence

  1. Act II begins with Gallathea and Phillida wandering the woods in their male disguises.
  2. By this time, Gallathea and Phillida are completely in love with each other.
  3. Gallathea and Phillida are revealed to be girls, much to their mutual horror.
  4. The nymphs Ramia and Eurota fall in love with Gallathea while Telusa falls for Phillida.
  5. Once he has infiltrated the group, he plans to make the nymphs fall in love with Gallathea and Phillida.
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  7. There are few long speeches and the language used by Gallathea and Phillida is, at times, almost identical.
  8. The play relies on the characters confusion for humour; the audience are the only ones aware that Gallathea and Phillida are both female.
  9. Gallathea and Phillida become more enamored with each other, although they do come to suspect that the other is actually a girl in disguise.
  10. A staged reading of " Gallathea " was presented in May 2007 by Primavera Productions at the King's Head Theatre in London.
  11. There is further evidence of the children s limitations in the style and metre of the play . " Gallathea " has a conversational tone and pace.
  12. In 2007, Primavera Productions in London staged a reading of " Gallathea ", directed by Tom Littler, consciously linking it to Shakespeare's plays.
  13. The boys acted Lyly's " Gallathea " at Court, probably on 1 January 1588; they acted his " Midas " on 6 January 1590.
  14. An all-female production of " Gallathea " was performed by the Uncut Pages Theater Company from 26 to 29 July 2007 as part of Washington D . C .'s Capitol Fringe Festival.
  15. There is also a lot of pun based humour : Diana states she is hunting deer which Gallathea confuses as  dear, worrying that Diana seeks out Phillida and that she must compete with the goddess for Phillida s affections.
  16. At much the same time, John Lyly's play, Gallathea ( first performed in 1588 ) features a sub-plot involving a phony alchemist and a sham astronomer who, in gazing up at the stars, falls backward into a pond.
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