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  1. Loriga, together with the engineer Eduardo Gonz醠ez-Gallarza, continue the raid in the last biplane.
  2. Among the saved prisoners were rightist General Valent韓 Gallarza, notable football player Ricardo Zamora, politician Ram髇 Serrano Ser, Rafael S醤chez Mazas and Raimundo Fern醤dez-Cuesta.
  3. Gallarza and Loriga bade farewell to the officials and residents of Aparri, dropping small Spanish flags over Tuguegarao, Iligan, and Echague along the way as a salute to them.
  4. By 1994, Tejano had exploded, with Selena joining La Mafia and such Texans as Ram Herrera, Bob Gallarza and Emilio Navaira among the music's top-selling artists.
  5. When the Spanish aviator Edwardo Gallarza and Joaqu韓 Loriga arrived in Manila on May 13, 1926 from Madrid in their airplane after a trip of only 39 days, postal authorities commemorated the event by the overprinting of all values of the 1917-1927 regular issues with the words " AIRMAIL MADRID MANILA 1926 ".
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