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  1. Behind, he left a gallary of experiences that defined him.
  2. Are people allowed to have a gallary like this on wikipedia?
  3. I was quite shocked to end up on a porn gallary.
  4. His work has been kept in various art gallary and museum.
  5. The gallary around No . 18 at the TPC at Sawgrass Stadium Course cheered wildly.
  6. It's difficult to find gallary in a sentence.
  7. Offers of help have also arrived from the Louvre, the British Museum and National Gallary.
  8. HOW TO POST A PICTURE IN GALLARY  Preceding contribs ) 06 : 53, 29 April 2008 ( UTC)
  9. Another 10 story development, Gallary Apartments is set to start in early 2016, it will include an alfresco dining ground level cafe.
  10. The " Work Gallary " has nothing to do with " work " he, or any other wikipedian, is doing for wikipedia.
  11. This Gallary really does concern me, i stumbled upon it by accident from these stats because it was one of the most highly viewed userpages.
  12. Although an impressive historic building, Plas Mawr was not a natural gallary, and in 1896 an annexe was added to house the Victoria Gallery.
  13. Can an administrator please look into this, and if it is indeed not within wikipedia's guildlines, please make sure this gallary is deleted?
  14. I am planning to create two Wikipedia pages for Ansar Gallary Shopping Mall & Safari Group have many branches across Qatar and Dubai they have subsidiary group also.
  15. In 1997, Woody with a group of friends co-founded Eyedrum Art & Music Gallary in Atlanta where he curated art exhibits and mentored young artists in the city.
  16. Another user who checked this " Work Gallary " confirmed that the majority of pictures there are linked to only on his, and a small number of other users, userpages.
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