gallarus oratory in a sentence

  1. The shape is based on that of the Gallarus Oratory.
  2. The trail passes a number of important ecclesiastical heritage sites including Gallarus Oratory and Kilmalkedar monastic site.
  3. The ruins of Saint Brendan's Church indicate that the original building was similar in style of Gallarus Oratory in County Kerry.
  4. The nearby Gallarus Oratory, a miniature Christian church built some time between the sixth and ninth centuries, is also worth a look.
  5. prehistoric and early medieval remains, for example the Gallarus Oratory in the very west of the peninsula near the village of Baile an Fheirt閍raigh in Ard na Caithne.
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  7. The village is near to Gallarus Castle, a 15th-century tower built by the Knight of Kerry, the holder of a hereditary knighthood belonging to the Irish heritage site and stands about one kilometre from the better known and more historically significant Gallarus Oratory.

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