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  1. For one thing, there is not much mystery about Gaddes.
  2. Despite the initial culture shock, Gaddes stayed from 1969 to 1978.
  3. Gaddes seems intent on maintaining many of the traditions that Crosby has established.
  4. Under Gaddes, SFO expanded its community outreach programs.
  5. Richard Gaddes served as the company's General Director from 2000 through 2008.
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  7. He was named as artistic advisor to OTSL general director Richard Gaddes in 1983.
  8. "It's part holiday, part work, " adds Gaddes.
  9. Gaddes'tenure as SFO General Director concluded with his retirement on 30 September 2008.
  10. Gaddes'own sartorial plan for " Lucia " is simple, he said.
  11. But it's been a fine season under Richard Gaddes, the new director ."
  12. Part of the SFO's identity comes from the esprit created among the artists, Gaddes emphasizes.
  13. But this summer the innovations by this new director, Richard Gaddes, are more evident in print than onstage.
  14. Of the former group, the newest, completed for the 2010 season, is the Richard Gaddes Rehearsal Hall.
  15. In 1985, MacKay was named OTSL's second general director, after Gaddes stood down from the post.
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