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  1. Christina Ricci, Thora Birch, Gaby Hoffmann, Ashleigh Aston Moore
  2. Odie ( Gaby Hoffmann ) is the story's narrator.
  3. The younger generation, they are looking at Gaby on television.
  4. Carlos wants to go the police, but Gaby stops him.
  5. However, during a weekend away Simon tries to rape Gaby.
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  7. Gaby presses charges and her father, Doug, hits Simon.
  8. After a brief split, Glen proposes to Gaby who accepts.
  9. Larry soon discovers that Gaby is deeply in love with him.
  10. Gaby leaves the mansion and moves back in with her grandma.
  11. During a party Gaby shows up with Kike making Larry jealous.
  12. This makes Pilar jealous, she begins to argue with Gaby.
  13. Gaby automatically feels sympathy and feels guilty for turning Ellie in.
  14. Gaby and Carlos attend the party anyway through the back door.
  15. Renee then tells the women about Gaby's nose job.
  16. Gaby is at a loss for words, and Juanita leaves.
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