gabs in a sentence

"gabs" in Chinese  
  1. Not the gun-snapping gab of wise-cracking chorines.
  2. Most feature a host, a guest and lots of gab.
  3. Neither should its language sound like a gab on the phone.
  4. Yes, Brett Hull got his gift for gab from dad.
  5. He was carrying a torn fishing net and wanted to gab.
  6. It's difficult to find gabs in a sentence.
  7. This kid has no fear and a good gift for gab.
  8. Bei diesem Absatz gab es aber Bedenken eine Urheberrechtsverletzung zu begehen.
  9. Es gab vor-und nachdem nichts dergleichen in der Welt!
  10. Limited nitrogen conditions activate the " gab " genes.
  11. He watches play and gabs with a coach of the next game.
  12. The G-10 was created in 1962 along with the GAB.
  13. He never heard all the gab about razing the Old Boston Garden.
  14. GAB posted a 18.6 million franc operating loss in 1995.
  15. And we gab on cell phones and straddle the lanes.
  16. She didn't inherit the gift of gab from my grandmother.
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