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  1. In functional languages the let expression is also used to limit scope.
  2. As Haskell is a pure functional language, functions cannot have side effects.
  3. Iteration ( looping ) in functional languages is usually accomplished via recursion.
  4. Functional languages based on lambda calculus allow this mathematical approach to programming.
  5. In functional languages, functions are first-class values and can be passed anywhere.
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  7. For this reason, we adopt the list comprehension notation from functional languages.
  8. Many so-called functional languages are " impure ", containing imperative features.
  9. In this ranking Scala is ahead of functional languages Java ( 1st ).
  10. Singly linked lists are the bread-and-butter data structure in functional languages.
  11. Lazy evaluation is used by default in several pure functional languages, including Haskell.
  12. The usual implementation strategy for lazy evaluation in functional languages is graph reduction.
  13. A library for the functional language OCaml was written in assembly language and C.
  14. Typically, functional languages like talk ) 18 : 29, 26 February 2014 ( UTC)
  15. JoCaml and Funnel are functional languages supporting declarative join patterns.
  16. These languages are the exception to the common ground between procedural and functional languages.
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