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  1. He cannot succeed by discarding the traditional way the NAACP functions.
  2. She is used for top-level ceremonial functions and entertaining.
  3. As their own discussions show, functions can take many forms.
  4. "They couldn't function in school,"
  5. But an auxiliary antenna on board the spacecraft continues to function.
  6. It's difficult to find function in a sentence.
  7. That is especially a problem in people with poor kidney function.
  8. It is a function that states have efficiently performed for years.
  9. Beyond that, Woods's projects function as cultural emissaries.
  10. Zoning and land-use planning are established functions of government.
  11. Gilman then showed that the mutated cells lacked the transducer function.
  12. At the present time we can't improve immune function.
  13. Now as always, Tutu functions as a voice of independence.
  14. court are barred by the so-called ` judicial function'
  15. Unisys employees to conceal his real function from top company officials.
  16. They offer wit and irony in place of beauty and function.
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