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  1. The use of methyl iodide as a fumigant has drawn concern.
  2. AlP is used as both a fumigant and an oral pesticide.
  3. Fumigants in grain storage bins are commonly used for insect control.
  4. Dazomet is one water-activated fumigant that could be used.
  5. It is a soil fumigant formerly used in American agriculture.
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  7. :Forget naphthalene, it is only a fumigant insecticide.
  8. This compound, methyl bromide, is widely used as an agricultural fumigant.
  9. Other options were discussed but the gas fumigant is preferred, she said.
  10. Strawberries depend on large applications of fumigants containing pesticides.
  11. This process ensures 100 % activation of the fumigant.
  12. Fungicides appear to be less toxic than fumigants.
  13. California and Florida account for 80 percent of its use as a soil fumigant.
  14. Fumigants are also applied directly to rodent burrows.
  15. Soil fumigants again account for the growth.
  16. Used as a fumigant, spearmint essential oil is an effective insecticide against adult moths.
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