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  1. "That's Fronk-en-shteeen ."
  2. A few hours later, the recall order arrived, Fronk said.
  3. CryoLife Vice President David Fronk said of the agency's suggestions.
  4. "It's pronounced Fronk-en-shteen ."
  5. "We believe that is a misrepresentation of the truth, " replied Fronk.
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  7. Fronk added that the company's own research program showed that rates of infection were very low.
  8. "I can't comment on what the FDA was thinking, " said CryoLife Vice President David Fronk.
  9. Fronk said he is " not aware " that could refer to anything other than a look at the possibility of insider trading.
  10. David Fronk, vice president for clinical research at CryoLife, said any kind of heart valve, whether synthetic or biological, could carry infections.
  11. Radiation and chemicals can sterilize tissue, but they also can harm its long-term function by harming too many cells, said Fronk of CryoLife.
  12. There he gets a job at Woolybucket's Old Dog restaurant, and moves into an old bunkhouse in local historian LaVon Fronk's ranch.
  13. CryoLife did such pre-processing screening until 1996 but stopped because the firm felt post-processing tests were adequate, said company Vice President David Fronk.
  14. According to David Fronk, vice president of clinical research, all surgery is risky and that microbes can be introduced through many routes, including operating rooms and surgeons.
  15. On September 22, FND Films founder Aaron Fronk gave a morose interview to Fox 32 Chicago where he once again claimed the money was gone and could not be reimbursed.
  16. David Fronk, a CryoLife vice president, said the accounting issue has to do with the recall announced Aug . 14 and " how we accounted for our past quarters ."
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