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  1. How about the lean, acidic wines of Friuli in Italy?
  2. 2001 Ca'del Sarto Pinot Grigio Friuli ( $ 9)
  3. One of the most important demographic phenomena in Friuli was emigration.
  4. The phenomenon probably stabilized under the Lombards'domination of Friuli.
  5. Armored Cavalry Squadron and the " Pozzuolo del Friuli"
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  7. Its likely original purpose was defence of Friuli against the Turks.
  8. He was required to return to Friuli immediately after his marriage.
  9. Ottone Gabelli was born in Friuli in 1880, near Udine.
  10. In 776, Dukes Hrodgaud of Friuli and Hildeprand of Spoleto rebelled.
  11. It has a large number of fans in Friuli and surrounding areas.
  12. Friuli Venezia Giulia is Italy's most North-Eastern region.
  13. Besides " Friuli " from Slovene and South Slavic languages.
  14. In the prehistoric era, Friuli was home to the Castellieri culture.
  15. A northern mountainous area of Friuli still retains the ancient name Carnia.
  16. After his brother Ratchis became king, Aistulf succeeded him in Friuli.
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