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  1. Slavia Friulana is famous for its rich folk traditions.
  2. In 1944, the Italian resistance movement also became active in the mountains of Slavia Friulana.
  3. The lumber needed to build Venetian ships caused complete deforestation of the Bassa Friulana and central Friuli.
  4. The Roman Catholic priests have traditionally been the most important promoters of the Slovene language and culture in Slavia Friulana.
  5. Since the late 1980s, Slavia Friulana has also emerged as one of the major centres of high quality Slovene dialect poetry.
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  7. The Liberation Front of the Slovenian People wanted to annex the region to a Communists who partially supported the Yugoslav claims, and the Liberal-democratic who wanted Slavia Friulana to remain part of Italy.
  8. Josef Marchet, a priest, began the difficult work of promoting and standardizing the language; he tried to arrange a Friulian grammatic in " Lineamenti di grammatica friulana, " with the purpose of developing a standard variant of the language.
  9. This feature was further emphasized by the Slovene anti-fascist and nationalist propaganda ( both left-wing and conservative-Catholic ), which frequently portrayed the Slavia Friulana as the symbol of Slovene resistance to Fascist Italianization, often simplifying the complex linguistic and social realities of the region.
  10. Not until 13 July 1878 did Giovanni Hocke of the " Societ?Alpina Friulana " ( today the Udine Branch of the IAC ), together with Adam Riebler, a master locksmith and mountain guide from Mauthen, succeed in conquering the East Top, which they reached via the Kollinkofel.
  11. "' Slavia Friulana "', which means "'Friulian Slavia "'( or "'Beneaka Slovenija "'in Slovenian ), is a small mountainous region in northeastern Italy and it is so called because of its Slavic population which settled here in the 8th century AD . The territory is located in the Italian region of Friuli Venezia Giulia, between the town of Cividale del Friuli and the Slovenian border.

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