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  1. It was financed by the Manin family; an aristocratic Friulan family from 1651.
  2. Friuli holds a large number of Friulan native speakers that still keep their native culture.
  3. In 1583, he was instructed by the Senate to map the Friulan frontier to avoid border disputes.
  4. He was acquitted of both charges in 1950 and 1952 . " I came to Rome from the Friulan countryside.
  5. Six days later Pasolini and others founded the Friulan Language Academy ( " Academiuta di lenga furlana " ).
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  7. In 1510, a group of Friulan noblemen was returning from Venice where they had asked greater protection against the disorders.
  8. Friulan ) still maintain this secondary phonemic length, but most languages dropped it by either diphthongizing or shortening the new long vowels.
  9. Italian nationalists interpreted Battisti's hypothesis as implying that Romansh, Friulan and Ladin were not separate languages but rather Italian dialects.
  10. In the 20th century, a large immigration flow from the Italian peninsula during the Friulan are spoken by the elderly in Fertilia, Tanca Marchese and Arborea.
  11. In these years Pasolini transferred his Friulan countryside inspiration to Rome's suburbs, the infamous " borgate " where poor proletarian immigrants lived in often horrendous sanitary and social conditions.
  12. In the course of the following centuries, the Carni and Roman customs and blood would get mixed and this union of two deeply different cultures would slowly give rise to a new people, the Aquileiese or Friulan People.
  13. The tourist industry is developing thanks to a combination of sea ( Lignano, Grado, Monfalcone and Trieste beaches ), mountains ( ski resorts in the Friulan Dolomites, the Carnic Prealps and Alps, and the Julian Alps ) and gastronomy routes.
  14. In his poems of this period, Pasolini started to include fragments in Friulan, a language he didn't speak but learned after he'd begun to write poetry in it . " I learnt it as a sort of mystic act of love, a kind of " f閘ibrisme ", like the Proven鏰l poets ."
  15. From 600 to the 8th century Slavs settled the entire Kras area up to the Friulan plain, having thus formed an ethnic boundary between the Slavic and Romance territories which has largely remained into modern days . The attempt by Slavs to penetrate westward into Friuli probably ended after they had been defeated by the Lombards at Lauriana, in 720.

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