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  1. Fritz Kreisler transcribed the song for violin and piano and performed it frequently.
  2. Fritz Kreisler dedicated to Rivarde his transcription of 1st Slavonic Dance.
  3. With Austrian violinist Roland H鰈zl he recorded a CD with works by Fritz Kreisler.
  4. His tribute to Fritz Kreisler is available on VHS at online vendors including Amazon.
  5. Midori, Anne-Sophie Mutter and Pinchas Zukerman play them, as did Jascha Heifetz and Fritz Kreisler.
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  7. Among other noted violinists in attendance was Fritz Kreisler.
  8. There was an encore of three Fritz Kreisler waltzes.
  9. In Europe, he was seen as the successor to Adolf Busch, Huberman and Fritz Kreisler.
  10. Wright was motivated to become a violinist when he heard a performance by Fritz Kreisler.
  11. The violin is named after violinist Fritz Kreisler.
  12. The official premiere of the work was on 10 November, with the dedicatee Fritz Kreisler as soloist.
  13. It was Reinhart who gave her a Guarnerius violin that had previously been owned by Fritz Kreisler.
  14. At the age of 18 the musician got the first award at Fritz Kreisler competition in Vienna.
  15. Eli is a gifted violinist, " afe Martin's father determines to make him the next Fritz Kreisler.
  16. The novelty on the program was Fritz Kreisler's Violin Concerto in C in the style of Vivaldi.
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