fritz kortner in a sentence

  1. Fritz Kortner became famous for his intense portrayal of the young hero.
  2. Many of his films employed fellow European exiles from the Nazis, including Fritz Kortner and Richard Tauber and Karl Grune.
  3. Among her acquaintances from this period were Odon von Horvath, Thomas Mann, Bertolt Brecht, Stefan Zweig and Fritz Kortner.
  4. The play was broadcast on Berlin Radio on the 11 April 1932, with Carola Neher as Joan and Fritz Kortner as Mauler.
  5. She later returned to Germany where she worked with numerous successful theatres of Berlin, among them Fritz Kortner's Berliner B黨nen.
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  7. Consequently, the The Hands of Orlac " ( 1924 ) by German director Robert Wiene which starred Conrad Veidt and Fritz Kortner.
  8. Among them are Peter L黨r, Rudolf Vogel and Robert Graf, as well as Gertrud K點kelmann, Rolf Boysen and in 1967 Fritz Kortner.
  9. His stage achievements aside, Nagel is famous for his theatre theory and portraits of theater directors like Fritz Kortner, Peter Stein and Peter Zadek.
  10. In this and other romantic movies, written or directed by Billy Wilder, Anatol Litvak and Fritz Kortner, among others, she often portrayed figures of innocence.
  11. The Merchant of Venice " was praised by Fritz Kortner as a " monument to the art of acting . " Other major roles were the title role in"
  12. Fritz Kortner stands out in his villainous role, which he plays like Peter Lorre would; while Florence Bates is charmingly acerbic in her creepy role as a bitter old hag ."
  13. Notable directors included Gustaf Gr黱dgens, J黵gen Fehling, Samuel Beckett, Fritz Kortner, Boleslaw Barlog, Hans Lietzau, Karl Paryla, George Tabori, Hans Neuenfels, Hans Hollmann and Peter Zadek.
  14. He emigrated to England in 1933 and there made " Abdul the Damned " with Fritz Kortner in 1935, and in 1936 he filmed Ruggiero Leoncavallo's opera Pagliacci with Richard Tauber.
  15. "The Life of Beethoven " ( German : " Das Leben des Beethoven " ) is a 1927 Austrian silent drama film directed by Hans Otto and starring Fritz Kortner as Beethoven.
  16. Pabst was deft in manipulating his actors : he hired tango musicians to inspire Brooks between takes, coached a reluctant Alice Roberts through the lesbian sequences, and appeased Fritz Kortner, who did not hide his dislike for Brooks.
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