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  1. The discovery of acetyl-CoA in 1947 by Fritz Albert Lipmann was another major contribution.
  2. It was proposed to be the intermediary molecule between energy-yielding and energy-requiring reactions in cells by Fritz Albert Lipmann in 1941.
  3. During this period, Lundsgaard was preoccupied as physiology department chair, consequently Fritz Albert Lipmann, who had recently fled Germany, served as Kalckar's research mentor.
  4. In this " squiggle " notation, ATP becomes A-P ~ P ~ P . The squiggle notation was invented by Fritz Albert Lipmann, who first proposed ATP as the main energy transfer molecule of the cell, in 1941.
  5. This discovery was followed in the early 1940s by the work of Herman Kalckar, who established the link between the oxidation of sugars and the generation of ATP . This confirmed the central role of ATP in energy transfer that had been proposed by Fritz Albert Lipmann in 1941.
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  7. In 1939, experiments using minced muscle cells demonstrated that cellular respiration using one oxygen atom can form two adenosine triphosphate ( ATP ) molecules, and, in 1941, the concept of the phosphate bonds of ATP being a form of energy in cellular metabolism was developed by Fritz Albert Lipmann.

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