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  1. They make a fine addition to a fritto misto.
  2. Homer Jones, police detective and gourmand, appears more interested in fritto misto than corpus delicti.
  3. Specific dishes include fritto misto, shrimp and grits, ragout, and squid ink pasta with calamari.
  4. Once I had the taste of fritto misto on my tongue, I started ordering it all over town.
  5. We also liked the fries served with bearnaise sauce, trio of grilled bruschetta and fritto misto with garlic aioli.
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  7. For example, a dish of fritto misto contained 753 calories and 91 grams of fat, according to laboratory analysis.
  8. A fine fritto misto was marred by excessively large chunks of vegetables; too much blood orange obscured the sweet delicacy of beautifully seared sea scallops.
  9. The menu consists of a long list of appetizers including a wonderful eggplant bruschetta topped with strips of roasted red bell peppers, fritto misto and polenta.
  10. Here, Nocera features fritto misto ( an assortment of fried foods ) when he can get tiny shrimp from Maine, small smelt, and other fish of the same size.
  11. Among the golden bits of fish, squid and shrimp in the fritto misto at Washington Park restaurant in Greenwich Village you will come upon something wonderfully different : thin slices of deep-fried lemon.
  12. The rest of the menu depends on the day's catch, and if you can't decide, try the tempura-style fritto misto ( mixed fry ), the apotheosis of the local favorite.
  13. We were surprised to see the popularity of platters of fried foods _ fritto misto alla fiorentina _ that included everything from batter-dipped and-fried vegetables to shrimp, fish, lamb chops and squash blossoms.
  14. Appetizers such as a New England clam chowder with buttermilk drop biscuits and a delicious fritto misto of plump battered shrimp, scallops, squid and lemon can be matched with an entree-size crab cake or slivered barbecued pork sandwich.
  15. His French-Italian menu-- calamari-finocchio fritto misto ( fried squid and fennel ) and sauteed foie gras with pear-port coulis-- has won so many fans that a second dining room is to open this month.
  16. A few Sydney samplers include spinach and ricotta gnocchi with yabbies ( shrimplike shellfish ), burned butter and Parmesan; quail and borlotti bean soup with mushroom crotini; and fritto misto of Yamba king prawns with eggplant and zucchini with garlic mayonnaise.
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