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  1. The guard frisks the other two before they board the plane.
  2. An officer then asked the men if he could frisk them.
  3. Security guards patrol the camps and frisk those entering for weapons.
  4. But the guards continued to frisk guests who arrived after them.
  5. Frisk the men, but don't touch the women.
  6. It's difficult to find frisk in a sentence.
  7. The lawsuit seeks to eliminate frisks that occur without probable cause.
  8. But referee Anders Frisk of Sweden said so have some players.
  9. Frisk naturally denied there'd be any chance of partiality.
  10. Several checkpoints were also set up to frisk the enthusiastic pilgrims.
  11. Stop-and-frisk is not necessarily a new invention.
  12. Snowflake fairies frisk convivially through that act's finale.
  13. Frisk Me Now made no claims of being elegant or a star.
  14. Ironically, that is when Frisk Me Now started to take off.
  15. "Frisk " and finally " Period ."
  16. These leads came from a stop-and-frisk.
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