frisk me now in a sentence

  1. Frisk Me Now made no claims of being elegant or a star.
  2. Ironically, that is when Frisk Me Now started to take off.
  3. Free House, Frisk Me Now, or Touch Gold can run third.
  4. King kept Frisk Me Now in contention in fourth place during a speedy pace.
  5. The Hutcheson was won by 106-to-1 shot Frisk Me Now.
  6. It's difficult to find frisk me now in a sentence.
  7. He and Dender are partners _ both in Frisk Me Now and in life.
  8. Frisk Me Now does not have a fever.
  9. Top weight of 118 pounds was assigned to Sir Bear and Frisk Me Now.
  10. Frisk Me Now was fifth in the'97 Preakness after placing second at Lone Star.
  11. Florida Derby third-place finisher Frisk Me Now runs Saturday in Hialeah's Flamingo Stakes.
  12. By then, Frisk Me Now had nudged up to third, just behind Confide and Crown Ambassador.
  13. But it looked like full speed ahead for Frisk Me Now, the upset winner of the race.
  14. Pulpit went on to outfinish Frisk Me Now, who was 68-1, by a neck.
  15. Frisk Me Now paid $ 4 and $ 2.80, and Holzmeister $ 3.40.
  16. Frisk Me Now has made 12 career starts with three wins and purses totaling $ 301, 695.
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