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  1. Terry suggests an additional factor that courts must consider when confronting an allegedly illegal frisk for weapons.
  2. It is not just New Yorkers of color who worry about racial targeting in street frisks for weapons.
  3. But when he opened his arms he was moving in to frisk for weapons, not to impart an Easter morning hug.
  4. If they think he is carrying a gun or responding to their questioning in a suspicious or nervous way, they frisk for a weapon.
  5. A relative latecomer to international refereeing, he was in the shadows of fellow countryman and colleague Anders Frisk for many years until Frisk's abrupt retirement in 2005.
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  7. Agent Jerome Johnson, the only officer to testify in the proceedings below, explained that the initial search was a frisk for weapons to protect the officers executing the warrant.
  8. Reno said the police needed to be able to " size up the situation " by getting the passengers out to see whether there were grounds for a frisk for weapons.
  9. We are asked to find that the first pat-down search of Ybarra constituted a reasonable frisk for weapons under the doctrine of Terry v . Ohio, 392 U . S . 1.
  10. The " narrow scope " of the Terry exception does not permit a frisk for weapons on less than reasonable belief or suspicion directed at the person to be frisked, even though that person happens to be on premises where an authorized narcotics search is taking place.
  11. Ass'n ", 489 U . S . 602, 620 ( 1989 ) ( upholding regulations instituting drug and alcohol testing of railroad workers for safety reasons ); cf . " Terry v . Ohio ", 392 U . S . 1, 23-24 ( 1968 ) ( upholding pat-frisk for weapons to protect officer safety during investigatory stop ) ".

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