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  1. Ms . Starr started playing " Frere Jacques ."
  2. He stayed within the fold when Frere sold the Luxembourg bank.
  3. Frere, Albert, 77, US $ 1, investments Brazil
  4. Bartle Frere was relegated to a minor post in Cape Town.
  5. She threatens to expose Frere's previous affairs to Sylvia.
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  7. During 1982  83 he was elected to the Frere Exhibition.
  8. He also adopted ideas of James Hatley Frere on prophetic interpretation.
  9. Brother Louis is the general manager and Frere Jacques is the coach.
  10. Silver Bear for best director : Patrice Chereau . ( Son Frere)
  11. "A mon frere qui n'est pas mort"
  12. Petit-Frere, 22, who helped organize the weapons handover.
  13. Belgian financier Albert Frere also owns about 5 percent of the group.
  14. Meeting Sir Bartle Frere and Isandlwana and almost totally destroyed.
  15. However Frere soon encountered strong political resistance against the unpopular confederation project.
  16. In 1880 Frere was recalled to London to face charges of misconduct.
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