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  1. In the mid 1990s RTL Nederland aired  Toppers, presented by Willibrord Frequin.
  2. In a meeting this month of Dutch publishers and sports authorities, Frequin said, the dailies rejected a proposal restricting the delivery of photographs to mobile telephones and the use of breaking news photos on newspaper Web sites.
  3. In the Netherlands, the Dutch Newspaper Publishers Association is negotiating an access agreement for journalists with that country's Premier League, which earlier in the process unsuccessfully sought to impose a ban on the publication of photographs of stadium fans, according to Michel Frequin, the association's lawyer.
  4. Frequin said the request for the ban had been inspired by photographs that showed fans in an unfavorable light, like a widely circulated image of a little boy making an obscene gesture at a rival team . " We know that the clubs want complete control and the very management of photographs, " he said . " They want to control it and sell it exclusively and then everyone can buy it ."
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