frequents in a sentence

"frequents" in Chinese  
  1. The most frequent dissenter was Blackmun, who differed 28 times.
  2. One of my frequent suggestions is to go to the beach.
  3. That hasn't been as frequent as the Chiefs planned.
  4. Due to low and irregular pay, officer desertions were frequent,
  5. For frequent renters there should be a wider choice of movies.
  6. It's difficult to find frequents in a sentence.
  7. Weld said on one of his increasingly frequent visits to Washington.
  8. People who frequent these bars are people who drink and fight.
  9. More frequent political turnover will generate more hard-fought elections.
  10. And he doesn't even get frequent-flyer benefits.
  11. Less frequent, deep watering is better than lots of sprinkling.
  12. Former Super Bowl standouts Mel Blount and Novacek are frequent competitors.
  13. Those who work evenings or frequent overtime are the most pressed.
  14. The Christian Coalition and its allies are frequent critics of Hollywood.
  15. The inspector said her inquiry encountered frequent resistance from FAA headquarters.
  16. And frequent social events, including parties every other Friday night.
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