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  1. Frequently used data is stored in cache.
  2. Accessing level-two, or backside cache at 200 megahertz provides high-speed access to frequently used data.
  3. Accessing level-two, or backside, cache at 200 megahertz provides high-speed access to frequently used data.
  4. Hazelcast provides central, predictable scaling of applications through in-memory access to frequently used data and across an elastically scalable data grid.
  5. "Second Life " functions by streaming all data to the user live over the Internet with minimal local caching of frequently used data.
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  7. If you create a simulated drive in RAM and copy a program or frequently used data to it, there are no moving parts to suck power.
  8. The memory controller chip also shunts the most frequently used data into a special " memory cache, " which is also on the motherboard.
  9. The CPU cache is a piece of hardware which reduces the access time to the data in the memory by keeping some part of the frequently used data of the main memory in itself.
  10. Some services like Prodigy create special files on the user's hard disk to track the most recently visited on-line sites, a technique that allows the services to provide frequently used data more quickly.
  11. Anyone ever used a digital photo frame as an ebook reader or a device to display several frequently used data sheets, cheat sheets ?-- talk ) 22 : 18, 18 March 2008 ( UTC)
  12. The purpose of the SSD in a hybrid drive is to act as a cache for the data stored on the HDD, improving the overall performance by keeping copies of the most frequently used data on the faster SSD.
  13. The Coppermine chips will incorporate the " Level 2 cache " _ a small amount of ultra-fast memory that gives the processor quick access to frequently used data and programming instructions _ directly into the main chip, where its contents can be tapped even more quickly.
  14. Any of today's processors in the 233-megahertz or higher range can handle most basic tasks, but for added oomph make sure the processor comes with at least 256 KB of something called Level 2 or L2 cache, which stores frequently used data in high-speed memory.
  15. Cisco already dominates routing, and is now buying a leading player in load balancing, but still lacks strong positions in other areas like gigabit ethernet, for fast transmission of data, and cache technology, which smooths and speeds Web traffic by storing frequently used data closer to the user, he said.
  16. In recent years, however, the system made its first major inroads into the business world through fast-growing Internet service providers, for whom it provided a reliable and inexpensive way to host Web sites, power e-mail systems, manage customer traffic, cache frequently used data and run security software.

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