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  1. Instead, he frequently questions the sources I have used.
  2. Frequently questions regard items previously featured on the show, and current affairs from the wider world of science.
  3. Another piece of evidence Holocaust deniers frequently question is what happened to the ash after the bodies were cremated.
  4. They frequently question the integrity of organizations such as Associated Press, the BBC, Reuters, and the New York Times, and the Washington Post.
  5. But the NAACP membership is aging, and younger generations of black Americans with no personal memories of the civil rights era frequently question the group's relevancy.
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  7. The blog frequently questions the notion of going into debt to buy items of social status, that only give the appearance of wealth rather than actually creating it.
  8. Felman works in the fields of psychoanalytic literary criticism, performativity theory, feminism, Holocaust testimony, and other areas, though her writings frequently question, ironize, or test the limits of the very critical methods being employed.
  9. But after turning to Simeon in desperation, they frequently question whether he understands the realities of modern Bulgaria, particularly having spent the past few decades as a businessman in Spain, living in a handsome villa in Madrid.
  10. Equine population estimates in each HMA can vary significantly from year to year, depending on habitat condition in a given area, fecundity of the animals, Census-gathering methods also vary, and wild horse advocacy groups frequently question the validity of the population counts.
  11. While sometimes stating a half-hearted support for other editors to improve the article, he frequently questions any use of sources beyond those he prefers, and frequently aruges at Talk : Battle of Washita River about topics ( e . g ., Serbian nationalism ) that are unrelated to improving Battle of Washita River.
  12. As a member of this Committee Ellis frequently questions prominent figures in public life appearing before it, including police chiefs, the Home Secretary and Russell Brand . and has been referred to by " The Independent " newspaper as being a member who asks his questions with " all the gravitas of a prosecuting counsel ".
  13. Jonathan s entrance in the profession coincided with critical cultural moments that adhered to his scholastic goals : Harriet Malinowitz s 1995 publication of Textual Orientations, the visibility of computers and composition as a recognized research field, and a pedagogical orientation toward the  social turn .  As a teacher and administrator, Jonathan frequently questions and assesses and must account for composition s objects of study.

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