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  1. The frequency accuracy relative to the clock frequency is limited only by the precision of the arithmetic used to compute the phase.
  2. This guarantees frequency accuracy at the expense of high phase noise and jitter, a degradation that true GPSDOs do not suffer.
  3. The truncation of the phase output word does not affect the frequency accuracy but produces a time-varying periodic phase error which is a primary source of spurious products.
  4. The required frequency accuracies range from relatively loose for processor clocking, typically 50 to 100 ppm, to precise for high speed data clocking, often 2.5 ppm and below.
  5. E . g ., the CH1 75 model made by PTF weighs 90 kg and consumes about 100 W . Its long-term frequency accuracy is about ??0  " 16 over five years.
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  7. In Europe, North America and some other grids, this RTC works because the frequency of the AC mains is adjusted to have a long-term frequency accuracy as good as the national standard clocks.
  8. The CH1 76 model also made by PTF weighs 55 kg and consumes about 90 W . Its long-term frequency accuracy is much worse than the active maser at about ?.5?0  " 12 per year.
  9. The Bell System vacuum-tube driven N-1 Carrier of the early 1950s was the most used twelve channel carrier system, using double sideband / unsuppressed carrier operation which didn't need network timebase synchronization to maintain frequency accuracy.
  10. Audio Control allows the choice of clock input used for the audio channels, control over the high-pass filter feature, merging two channels together allowing 16-bit frequency accuracy, selecting a high frequency clock for specific channels, and control over the " randomness " of the polynomial input.
  11. The reference oscillator provides a stable time base for the system and determines the frequency accuracy of the DDS . It provides the clock to the " NCO " which produces at its output a discrete-time, sinusoid ) whose period is controlled by the digital word contained in the " Frequency Control Register ".
  12. Key features to achieve this are a Clock Frequency Accuracy Measurement Circuit for detecting rises and fall in the clock frequency; a Data Operation Circuit to assists RAM failure testing; an ADC self-diagnostic function for preventing system malfunction; and an open-circuit detection function to detect open circuits in connections to temperature, pressure, current, and other sensors.

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