frequencies in a sentence

"frequencies" in Chinese  
  1. Fish are being tagged and released with greater and greater frequency.
  2. Spouses deceive spouses with some frequency in our society . ..
  3. Did he have some radically new idea for using radio frequencies?
  4. The frequency of publication can also have a bearing on longevity.
  5. Matings involve a frequency of more than 150 copulations per female.
  6. It's difficult to find frequencies in a sentence.
  7. There are no solid statistics on the frequency of false arrests.
  8. Signals are being sent out over the Lynch frequency, however.
  9. Broadcasters will have to compete for digital frequencies through those multiplexers.
  10. The problem with comparing is in the frequency of the events.
  11. PCS is similar to cellular, but works on different frequencies.
  12. The Library has been using the psychiatric tests with increasing frequency.
  13. I anticipate that we will see these cases with more frequency,
  14. Nor is it the coach or the frequency of his shots.
  15. There he and colleagues generated laugh waveforms and laugh frequency spectrums.
  16. Frequency rarely seems to be the criterion for adding special circumstances.
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