frequence3 in a sentence

  1. The Frequence3 association, based in Belgium, was repatriated to France.
  2. Since 15 February 2007, Frequence3 disseminates the radio program of the Graduate School of Journalism Paris.
  3. Called " Frequence ESJ " it takes on the programming of its big sister Frequence3 by adding university information.
  4. In 2006, Frequence3 covered the Gamers Assembly with 68 hours of live access, and the Solidays Old Plows.
  5. Frequence3 was born on 15 April 2001, at the initiative of the previous group on the basis of an initial webradio called " Europe3 ".
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  7. On 15 May 2008, another stream was launched : " F3-Mixarena ", as a radio electronic and E-sports of the Frequence3 association, from the ashes and with the team CXRadio.

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