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  1. In 1982, she founded the Martin Luther King Freedom Run in San Diego.
  2. But freedom runs in both directions _ or it isn't freedom.
  3. "Oviedo's freedom runs the risk of being illegal ."
  4. But the 55-year-old director graciously tries to indulge me when I mention that an obsession with captivity and freedom runs through most of his realistic movies.
  5. The " freedom run " passed through eight towns in Zambaonga del Norte province, a predominantly Christian province in the south where local officials oppose the pact.
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  7. That a dance number spoofing a revival meeting ( " Run Freedom Run " ) has the best slapstick gag about a cripple that you're ever likely to see?
  8. The " Let Freedom Ring " celebration hosts a " Freedom Run ", arts and crafts, a parade, a fireworks display, and the highlighted ringing of the Illinois Freedom Bell.
  9. A few annual traditions of the festival are a parade, a 5k run / walk named the Freedom Run, and a fireworks show on the last night of the festival.
  10. She was Vice-President of All India Women's Hockey Federation; Vice-Chairperson, Organising Committee, Freedom Run and Marathon; Member, Nehru Cricket Club; Vice-President, National Institute of Social Action and National Red Cross Society;
  11. "Nomathemba, " a new musical by Ntozake Shange, Eric Simonson and Ladysmith Black Mambazo's leader, Joseph Shabalala, brings the lovers'parable to post-apartheid South Africa, where new-found freedom runs up against poverty, desperation and bitter memories.
  12. Their debut album " Freedom Run " was released on 19 September 2011 reaching No . 37 in the UK . Fourth album " None The Wiser " was their highest charting release when it reached No . 21 in 2014.
  13. Some have suggested " Freedom Run " as a tribute to the Underground Railroad, but Coleman, 47, the businessman who was the first black president of the local Lions Club, and a few others say the answer may reside in the real historical figure of the black farmer and Union soldier, George Ashby, who owned the land so long ago from which the modest creek sprang.

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