freedom ridge in a sentence

  1. Originally, it was an abortive project ( " The Dreamland Chronicles : Freedom Ridge " ) by Mythos Games.
  2. Eventually, very few elements of the original " Freedom Ridge " project remained in the finished " UFO : Aftermath ".
  3. ""'The Dreamland Chronicles : Freedom Ridge " "'is a canceled video game for Microsoft Windows and PlayStation 2 by Mythos Games.
  4. About a year and a half ago the Air Force appropriated an additional 4, 000 acres surrounding the base to cut off access to the two most popular high points for viewing _ Freedom Ridge and White Sides.
  5. He also leads tourists on " interceptor " missions to the top of " Freedom Ridge, " a bluff overlooking the boxy buildings, blinking lights and 35, 000-foot partly paved runway of the Groom Lake installation.
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  7. The Gollop brothers'ambitious attempt to create their own independent, 3D quasi-remake, " The Dreamland Chronicles : Freedom Ridge ", was cancelled in 2001 due to financial problems and a failure to find a publisher, resulting in the bankruptcy of Mythos Games ( resources from the unfinished game were then bought by a Czech company Altar Games and turned into " UFO : Aftermath ", which was followed by two sequels ).

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