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  1. He had the support of the older members of the party such as Frank Aiken.
  2. The NPT process was launched by Frank Aiken, Irish Minister for External Affairs, in 1958.
  3. He acted in this role for two years until September 1941 serving under his former Cabinet colleague, Frank Aiken.
  4. The attack was carried out by volunteers of the IRA's Fourth Northern Division, led by Frank Aiken.
  5. After the back gate was destroyed by the explosion Frank Aiken and about nine men rushed the breach and got through.
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  7. Frank Aiken, the Irish Minister for the Co-ordination of Defensive Measures was in Boston, Massachusetts at the time.
  8. Twenty days later, Lynch's successor, Frank Aiken, gave the order to, " Surrender and dump arms ."
  9. When the Fianna F醝l parliamentary party met on 22 June Se醤 MacEntee proposed Lemass as leader, with Frank Aiken seconding the motion.
  10. Sporadic fighting also took place around Dundalk, where Frank Aiken and the Fourth Northern Division of the Irish Republican Army were based.
  11. He was presented them by Mrs . Millicent Hearst, Sr ., along with Irish Minister for External Affairs, Frank Aiken.
  12. In April, Frank Aiken, IRA chief of staff, ordered the anti-treaty forces to dump their arms and go home.
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  14. Military operations were directed by Liam Lynch until he was killed on 10 April 1923 and then by Frank Aiken, as of 20 April 1923.
  15. Aiken was founded by landowner Frank Aiken, who built the community along the Santa Fe Railway and had a post office established in August 1922.
  16. The pact was originally approved by Frank Aiken, who left soon after, before being succeeded by Cooney and Twomey who kept up the secret espionage relationship.
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