framing the question in a sentence

"framing the question" in Chinese  
  1. Moore helped frame the questions and also amplified some of Templeton's responses.
  2. The answer seems to depend on how you frame the question.
  3. We know how to frame the questions in a serious way.
  4. And those poles sharply frame the questions hovering over that effort.
  5. As an obligatory contrarian, let me frame the question this way.
  6. It's difficult to find framing the question in a sentence.
  7. It is a somewhat crude way to frame the question.
  8. :It would be useful to frame the question properly.
  9. George Sheehan, cardiologist, essayist, philosopher, also framed the questions.
  10. It is, of course, impossible to know, just as it is impossible to frame the question.
  11. Goethe's ideas on evolution would frame the question that Wallace would approach within the scientific paradigm.
  12. After several futile attempts to frame the question to Judge Lance Ito's liking, Harmon gave up.
  13. Framing the question as either consequentialist or deontological is just one limited way to look at it.
  14. It is framing the questions as well:
  15. Hoe could one frame the question for the answer, " Iam the second child to my parents "?
  16. And yet the Republicans showed a striking inability to frame the question in other than their own terms.
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