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  1. "AISI Design Guide for Cold-Formed Steel Purlin Roof Framing Systems :"
  2. Accessories are also available, which are specific to each framing system.
  3. Tube structures are very stiff and have numerous significant advantages over other framing systems.
  4. It is a single-story rectangular building constructed of an exposed-log framing system with vertical-plank siding.
  5. All parts of the frame system is constructed from light weight polymer and attached with adhesive.
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  7. Additional elements of the framing system include fasteners and connectors, braces and bracing, clips and connectors.
  8. It was one of the first motion pictures shot completely on a high-definition digital 24-frame system.
  9. Like all early main-frame systems, this batch-oriented system managed magnetic drums, disks, card readers and line printers.
  10. The windows in this area are double hung and are constructed as part of the exposed frame system.
  11. Their first product was a flooring and support framing system made from plastic and fibreglass, used in hog production.
  12. In 1997, Shmukler defended his doctoral dissertation on the topic : 獶imensional reinforced concrete frame systems of multi-criteria compliance?
  13. Kawneer s architectural aluminum product range includes windows and doors, framing systems, curtain wall systems, railings, shutters and conservatories.
  14. The structure is a post tension concrete frame with a structural steel framing system for theattic / roof level.
  15. Larger air handlers will be manufactured from a square section steel framing system with double skinned and insulated infill panels.
  16. Products include framing systems, accumulated pallet conveyors ( APC ), break-away end effectors, vision systems, welding guns and line feeding systems.
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