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  1. Frame synchronization must be achieved before a data stream can be decommutated.
  2. Note that frame synchronization can only be performed within a given television line standard.
  3. A composite video signal combines on one wire the video information required to recreate a color picture, as well as line and frame synchronization pulses.
  4. Other systems must synchronize using some form of out-of-band communication, or add frame synchronization sequences that don't carry data to the signal.
  5. The desired hidden digital data signal is combined in the distortion step using a pre-determined pseudorandom binary sequence for audio frame synchronization and large amounts of forward error correction for the hidden data to be embedded.
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  7. The packets may be encapsulated in a data frame, with a frame synchronization bit sequence indicating the start of the frame, and sometimes also a bit synchronization bit sequence, typically 01010101, for identification of the bit transition times.
  8. DS-1 is a communications protocol for multiplexing the bitstreams of up to 24 telephone calls, along with two special bits : a " framing bit " ( for frame synchronization ) and a " maintenance-signaling bit ".
  9. Many techniques such as carrier recovery, clock recovery, bit slip, frame synchronization, rake receiver, pulse compression, Received Signal Strength Indication, error detection and correction, etc ., are only performed by demodulators, although any specific demodulator may perform only some or none of these techniques.
  10. In telecommunication, frame synchronization or "'framing "'is the process by which, while receiving a stream of framed data, incoming frame alignment signals ( i . e ., a distinctive bit sequences or syncwords ) are identified ( that is, distinguished from data bits ), permitting the data bits within the frame to be extracted for decoding or retransmission.

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