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  1. The wood ceiling has framed squares ( cassetoni ) with carved decoration.
  2. Layout involves using a framing square, a simply designed useful tool.
  3. Use a framing square to extend the mark to the backsplash.
  4. Begin by laying out the legs with a framing square.
  5. Today the steel square is more commonly referred to as the "'framing square " '.
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  7. A wood-frame square tower rises above the main entrance, topped by a flared pyramidal roof.
  8. A pair of framing squares may also be suitable.
  9. Check the corners with a framing square and make sure they are at 90-degree angles.
  10. On the newer framing squares there are degree conversions for different pitches and fractional equivalents.
  11. This, however, is easy if you use a framing square with a pair of stair gauges.
  12. Use a framing square to adjust the strings where they intersect so the network is perfectly square.
  13. Check the window with a framing square.
  14. Use a level and a framing square to check that the window is level, plumb and square.
  15. Early houses were timber framed square or rectangular and built of oak but later buildings were circular huts.
  16. A Speed Square ( rafter square, rafter angle square, triangle square ) is a framing square into one.
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