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  1. Music video cinematographer Harris Savides frames shots with painterly diligence.
  2. DeVore had to accomplish technical climbs and frame shots high atop rock faces.
  3. Scientists analyzed frames shot through visible-light, ultraviolet and infrared filters.
  4. Almost every episode then ends with a freeze frame shot of Jessica laughing or smiling.
  5. The film ends with a freeze frame shot of Nikumbh tossing Ishaan into the air.
  6. It's difficult to find framing shot in a sentence.
  7. A freeze-frame shot of screaming catcher Mike Piazza shone from the overhead television monitor.
  8. The freeze-frame shots in the final five years of the show featured Maeve Ryan only.
  9. Our compact Minolta and Ricoh cameras were far more flexible in framing shots and getting close-ups.
  10. The accompanying video builds to a stunning freeze-frame shot of students and teachers covered with blood.
  11. One of the videoclips includes frames shot during the Orange Revolution in which Ruslana took an active participation.
  12. The IWA used new innovations like freeze frame shots and replays in slow motion to enhance the matches.
  13. The size of the image, how you frame shots, where you place the center of the screen.
  14. With the much wider screen, Baerwald had to frame shots differently, which was good, he said.
  15. Marcelo Durst's cinematography has a touch of poetry, with well-framed shots of inherently unpoetic subjects.
  16. Circular background shapes, circular windows, and framing shots within circles was a theme seen consistently throughout the series.
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