framing set in a sentence

"framing set" in Chinese  
  1. We have no real time frame set up yet.
  2. But, he also said there was no time frame set in stone.
  3. It is a commitment to action ( with ) a time frame set,
  4. These carbon fiber frames set new standards of excellence.
  5. Receding and advancing frames set the different scenes.
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  7. They are precast with steel windows and door frames set directly into the concrete.
  8. The smaller section is timber framed set on timber stumps, clad with weatherboards.
  9. Cutting off the lid leaves the flange open to accept a wooden frame set into it.
  10. The small selection ranged from a framed set of Dutch stamps to a commemorative plaque from Atlanta.
  11. This is the time frame set by the UN to assess progress towards the Millennium Development Goals.
  12. It consists of traditional Japanese roof supports and post-and-beam frames set down on boulders.
  13. St Patrick's is a single-storeyed timber church with exposed framing set on concrete stumps.
  14. Doing this with the entire frame set in place on the ledge of the plastic box ensured an accurate fit.
  15. These nutritious plants should at least provide longer tines and more mass on antler frames set earlier by dry conditions.
  16. But there is really no time frame set on it, whether it'll be three days or three weeks.
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