framing sequence in a sentence

  1. Teleview pioneered the alternate-frame sequencing method of stereoscopic 3D projection.
  2. The exact nature of the color frame sequence depends on the video standard being used.
  3. The framing sequences use full color.
  4. This way, the receiver can detect duplicated frames by checking if the frame sequence numbers alternate.
  5. There is no indication in the framing sequence that Conan has been heard from since his abdication.
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  7. Their stories are told within a framing sequence of Henry the Navigator's interest in exploration.
  8. The final three contain reprints only, save for a 10-page framing sequence in # 6.
  9. The framing sequence is set in autumn as Chris is on the verge of leaving for Newcastle University.
  10. Sufficient video bandwidth was provided to allow for rapid framing sequences of both narrow and wide-angle television pictures.
  11. But here the device works perfectly with her freeze-frame sequences and the spurts of rhythm in Marsalis'score.
  12. It is also revealed, in a framing sequence, that Halo becomes a legendary historical figure in centuries to come.
  13. Sufficient video bandwidth was provided to allow for rapid framing sequences of both narrow-and wide-angle television pictures.
  14. Additionally, he directed the framing sequences of the 1977 clips-compilation film " That's Carry On ".
  15. Keeshan appeared in framing sequences for the animated stories, showcasing the book versions and suggesting similar books for the viewers to seek out.
  16. For the most part, " Ghosts " was not " hosted " by a recurring character used in a framing sequence.
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