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  1. The colourised film has a frame rate of 24 per second.
  2. The estimated frame rate of 30fps was identical across both versions.
  3. The game runs on 900p at 30 frame rate per second.
  4. Favis also experienced low frame rate capabilities on the PlayStation 4.
  5. The recommended minimum frame rate is 12 to 15 frames per second.
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  7. Film-like frame rates are possible by using pulldown.
  8. Its persistence had been selected to match the nominal maximum frame rate.
  9. Now, most systems operate at up to 10x the frame rate.
  10. Frame rate is the speed at which an entire image is redisplayed.
  11. What is the best balance of the image quality and frame rate?
  12. Frame rate was also increased, along with several other minor upgrades.
  13. Resolution and frame rate can always be reduced to conserve CPU resources.
  14. Christian Donlan of Eurogamer praised the game's stable frame rate.
  15. A frame rate can also be specified without a resolution.
  16. For many cases, high frame rates are not required.
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