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  1. This success is sometimes regarded as " foveal cone.
  2. Elderly subjects depend more on foveal vision than younger subjects during walking.
  3. In contrast, this observed foveal development is opposite in predators and in primates.
  4. The peltidium features a black foveal horn.
  5. The foveal vision adds detailed information to the peripheral " first impression ".
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  7. Both the Dundee and Potsdam analyses revealed clear evidence of parafoveal-on-foveal effects.
  8. For this purpose the system uses a special type of computer vision  foveal computer vision.
  9. The foveal pit is surrounded by the foveal rim that contains the neurons displaced from the pit.
  10. The foveal pit is surrounded by the foveal rim that contains the neurons displaced from the pit.
  11. The tapetum is highly visible in this species because the pigmentation of the foveal depression on the retina.
  12. The fundus of the eye shows crowded optical discs, tortuous vessels and an abnormal foveal avascular zone.
  13. AOSLO has also revealed significant decreases in foveal cone packing density for myopic eyes in comparison to emmetriopic eyes.
  14. Thus, foveal vision may also be defined as the central 1.5 2?of the field of vision.
  15. The upcoming pitch contour and prevailing rhythmic values of a musical line can typically be ascertained ahead of foveal perception.
  16. Lines show path of foveal fixation during 5 seconds when the task is to memorize the situation as correctly as possible.
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