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  1. This success is sometimes regarded as " foveal cone.
  2. AOSLO has also revealed significant decreases in foveal cone packing density for myopic eyes in comparison to emmetriopic eyes.
  3. The maximum resolution is that 30 seconds of arc, corresponding to the foveal cone diameter or the angle subtended at the nodal point of the eye.
  4. The smallest detectable visual angle produced by a single fine dark line against a uniformly illuminated background is also much less than foveal cone size or regular visual acuity.
  5. In this case, under optimal conditions, the limit is about 0.5 arc seconds or only about 2 % of the diameter of a foveal cone.
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  7. Because the limit of vernier acuity is well below that imposed on regular visual acuity by the " retinal grain " or size of the foveal cones, it is thought to be a process of the visual cortex rather than the retina.

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