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  1. Their the first cold hammer forging machine  Aklett was purchased in 1960.
  2. The "'Tom?F鑤eira, saw blades, bowsaws, handles, forging machines, and automatic cutting machines.
  3. CFFP has one of the heaviest forge machines in India.
  4. I would been better if they bought a more conventional Skew Ball Forging Machine.
  5. In turn, this creates demands for casting sand, forging machines, mining materials, polymers, rubber.
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  7. The continuous casting machine it was brand new the same for the rotary forging machine for making the grinding balls.
  8. Another advantage is that the operation can be used to create any size part because there is no limit to the size of the press forging machine.
  9. The machines-cold forging machine, stamp press machine, CNC lathe machine, tapping machine, aluminium temperature control oven, drier assembly machine and auto welding machine-will be imported from Taiwan and Japan.
  10. Hammer forging machines are tremendously expensive, far out of the reach of custom gunsmiths ( unless they buy pre-rifled blanks ), and so are generally only used for production barrels by large companies.
  11. Outside steel-making experts called in by the provincial government recommended getting rid of it and putting in conventional ball making equipment ( "'Skew Forging Machine "') but Shields reject it to give machine another chance.
  12. On a four-die machine, the number of rollers cause all dies to close at a time; if the number of rollers do not cause all pairs of dies to close at the same time then the machine is called a rotary forging machine, even though it is still a swaging process.

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