forging iron in a sentence

"forging iron" in Chinese  
  1. They can be made from anything from hand-forged iron to corrugated cardboard.
  2. Those few pieces that were found consisted of forged iron crossbow bolts.
  3. Elsewhere, tiny spotlights pick out the hand-forged iron standards and strap work.
  4. He forged iron and made medieval armor, swords, shields, cutlery, and guns.
  5. Wood and forged iron furniture can also be made to order.
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  7. On Thursday, a blacksmith was forging iron pegs to replace weaker wooden ones.
  8. Its ornate, forged iron gates provide access from both Lipscani and Bl?nari streets.
  9. The body had been placed in a coffin made from forged iron panels.
  10. A hand-forged iron poker and shovel hang on a shapely stand.
  11. The city then awards him a gold medal and a commemorative forged iron spear.
  12. Many layers beneath Giants Coach Tom Coughlin's foundry-forged iron facade lies a compassionate core.
  13. The finest forging iron was multi-layered and nearly pure iron.
  14. Every floor is served by this staircase with its characteristic hanging key forged iron banisters.
  15. His phrasing was as supple as it was muscular, the lines shaped like forged iron.
  16. They also used 7, 000 hand-forged iron rivets.
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