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  1. The head of a forge hammer was found built into the wall.
  2. This leaves just The Forge Hammer, The Royal Spring and The Jovial Colliers.
  3. Other waterwheels drove large forge hammers which converted the pig iron into wrought iron.
  4. There was a furnace north of Frith Wood and a forge hammer by Hammer Bridge at Mitchell Park.
  5. The former Forge Hammer Inn adjacent to the house and ironworks was used by smugglers in the eighteenth century to hide contraband.
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  7. The original site contained a forging hammer, grinding and honing equipment, along with a number of workshops, and accommodation for the workers.
  8. Business grew and moved into the armaments market directly, the company installing two Nasmyth Steam forge hammers in 1863 which were used to forge heavy artillery pieces.
  9. If the plastic deformation is carried out under dynamic conditions, such as by drop forging, then the plastic deformation is localized more as the forging hammer speed is increased.
  10. Also called " Open Die Power Forging Hammers . " They have been used by blacksmiths, bladesmiths, metalworkers, and manufacturers since the late 1880s, having replaced trip hammers.
  11. A drop-forge hammer, of mass 1500kg, falls under gravity on to a "'piece of hot metal "'which rests in a fixed die.
  12. To alleviate the pain, he ordered Hephaestus to strike him with his forging hammer, and when he did, Zeus's head split open and out popped the goddess Athena in full armour.
  13. "' Power hammers "'are mechanical forging hammers that use a non-muscular power source to raise the hammer preparatory to striking, and accelerate it onto the work being hammered.
  14. Owing to the size of the massive forging hammers and presses and the parts they can produce, as well as the dangers inherent in working with hot metal, a special building is frequently required to house the operation.
  15. Vertical engines are sometimes referred to as " hammer ", " forge hammer " or " steam hammer " engines, due to their roughly similar appearance to another common 19th-century steam technology, the steam hammer.
  16. While the main market for steam engines had been for pumping water out of mines, he saw much more use for them in the driving of machinery in ironworks such as blowing engines, forge hammers and rolling mills, the first rotary engine being installed at Bradley in 1783.
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