forging ahead in a sentence

"forging ahead" in Chinese  
  1. Forging ahead with their " Contract With America,"
  2. But Colangelo forged ahead, gambling more than $ 3 million.
  3. With interest rates low and home prices good we forged ahead.
  4. "He's forging ahead very drastically,"
  5. The Lightning forged ahead to stay early in the final period.
  6. It's difficult to find forging ahead in a sentence.
  7. Maxman met other survivors in Rwanda who were also forging ahead.
  8. Nevertheless, the company is forging ahead with plans to expand.
  9. Probate courts are forging ahead, able if not necessarily ready.
  10. The reshuffle is a new opportunity for us to forge ahead.
  11. The teammates slept as little as possible to forge ahead quickly.
  12. Nonetheless, the commission members forged ahead with their own plans.
  13. The builders forged ahead, however, completing it in 1360.
  14. Uribe, for his part, is determined to forge ahead.
  15. Scranton forged ahead as the capital of the anthracite coal industry.
  16. The German Wikipedia continues to forge ahead in releasing offline editions.
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