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  1. The latter was an unsuccessful enterprise, however, and Forghieri left Lamborghini soon afterwards.
  2. Between the 1980s and 1990s Pessoa was married to his Cabine C bandmate Wania Forghieri.
  3. Into this void stepped young engineer Mauro Forghieri and long-time racing bodyman Sergio Scaglietti.
  4. In 1970, Forghieri designed the Ferrari 312 series ( consisting of the 312PB sportscars ).
  5. Mauro Forghieri designed a special super-lightweight steel and aluminium version of the 275 GTB chassis.
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  7. In 1964, Ferrari tasked Mauro Forghieri and Mike Parkes with redesigning the 250 GTO's bodywork.
  8. Forghieri successfully honed the GTO's handling and Scaglietti designed an all-new body for the car.
  9. Forghieri told the court Senna began braking after experiencing " anomalous responses of the steering-gear ."
  10. Forghieri, who had enormous respect for the triple World Champion and valued his opinion, made the requested changes.
  11. The "'Lola LC89 "'is a Formula One car designed by Ferrari designer Mauro Forghieri.
  12. As with all Ferrari F1 cars of this era, the design of the new model was led by Mauro Forghieri.
  13. Over the winter months Ferrari technical director Mauro Forghieri and his engineers at Ferrari developed the car into 312B / 2 form.
  14. This shakeup, and Forghieri's engineering talent, made the 1960s even more successful for Ferrari than the previous decade.
  15. Lamborghini Engineering had tasked Mauro Forghieri, with the assistance of Mario Tolentino, to design and build a Formula One car.
  16. Peterson was only hired for Le Mans, a serious mistake by Forghieri who should have offered him a full year contract.
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