fore and aft in a sentence

"fore and aft" meaning  "fore and aft" in Chinese  
  1. She was equipped with two gunpowder magazines, located at fore and aft.
  2. Four mounted officers of the London Metropolitan Police rode fore and aft.
  3. Two 3-pood shell guns were mounted fore and aft on revolving platforms.
  4. Gun crew shelters were built fore and aft for the superimposed weapons.
  5. Fore and aft movement decreased and increased the angles of incidence together.
  6. It's difficult to find fore and aft in a sentence.
  7. They were mounted in twin-gun turrets fore and aft of the superstructure.
  8. Monitors send it fore and aft as needed when slippage is detected.
  9. The two-spoke steering wheel tilts fore and aft but not nearly enough.
  10. The cabin has uninterrupted transparencies fore and aft, with a slender fuselage behind.
  11. The two-inch thick transverse bulkhead fore and aft protected them from raking fire.
  12. Two enclosed compartments, fore and aft, are for storage and sleeping.
  13. Masts were held erect by side stays and possibly fore and aft stays.
  14. The welded fore and aft was towed back to Japan and broken up.
  15. The 2000 Neon has been redesigned fore and aft to eliminate some problems.
  16. In a typical canard aircraft both fore and aft planes are lifting surfaces.
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